battle for freedom

  1. what am i? I am a being who has been assigned to serve and protect the seer alyssa. i have been bound here by an angel as punishment for doing things that have judged to be less than ethical.#2 what is my name? you can call me tocer. #3 who is the seer alyssa? she is the daughter of oghma the god of knowledge and yin the god of mercy she is all seeing and all knowing. #4 what is this place? this is the layer of the seer duh. #5 if you still insist on asking more questions please go one at a time.
out of the arena

the party was able to win the battle in the arena. they used several methods to try and break out of the cart kaizin attempted to pick the lock and kish tried to bend the bars. but it was mora with an excellent shot with the grappling hook. hooking the keys hanging on the post and reeling them in to unlock the door to the prisoner cart. while they where busy breaking out of their cart their opponents where able to get out of their cart as well. both parties then scrambled to the walls of the arena to arm themselves. both parties then fought it out with kish,mora,kaizin,and killdrake coming out on top. the party was then rewarded with 100gps each and released from the arena into the streets of aklamesh. the party then did some shopping picking up some much needed supplies. then they decided to go to the itchy rat inn and tavern to get some drinks,food,and sleep. while they where at the itchy rat the encountered a man named sim who told them he was a big fan of their work in the arena earlier that day and had won a large sum of money betting on them. so sim was willing to pick up their tab for the room and the food. a short time after sim had gone back to his table and the party had started eating their meal two men entered the bar. they advanced aggressively towards sim whose attention was drawn to them and ran back over towards the parties table and started asking them for their aid. after making it apparent that he would reward them with a good amount of gold the party stepped in and a fight broke out. which resulted in one of the two men losing their head and the other one being subdued and hauled off to jail. after the fight the party carried sim of to their rooms to have a little heart to heart talk. at this point sim rewarded the party with 400gps as promised and filled them in on the situation. sim explains to them that sim had a run in with the bandit leader named Ostar and was robbed for a large sum of gold after that run in sim sent two bounty hunters to deal with the bandit leader apparently the bounty hunters had not been successful and this was Ostar’s men coming to kill him he knows this because of the black wolves painted on the shields Ostar is the leader of the black wolves bandit clan sim now offers the party 500gp if they would take on the mission of killing Ostar the bandit leader the location of the bandits hideout is the elderwood forest slightly northeast of aklamesh. the party agreed to take on the mission and after receiving 250gp up front they headed off towards the elderwood forest. upon entering the woods the party ran into some giant wasps and although they were stung several times they managed to defeat the wasps. however they did not realize the value of the hone stored inside the nest and after breaking open the nest in search of more obvious treasure they left the valuable honey for the scavengers.the party then decided to rest for the night which was uneventful. on their second day of travel in the woods they ran into 3 giant man eating Venus fly traps which put a real bad hurting on them breaking the hand of kish and putting kildrake in a coma for a day but in the end the plants were defeated. after some more extend resting and healing the party continued on running into some bullywugs which did not present much of a problem. after that the party was starting to get real close to the bandits layer and started running into them. after mora noticed a trip wire the party moved off the path and ambushed two bandits in a hunting blind who were easily overwhelmed. two more bandits closed in on the party from behind but were easily defeated also. several hundred feet up the path the party ran into 3 more bandits who where watching the path and were able to defeat them easily. now with the cave entrance in sight the party moved forward cautiously low on spells but full of confidence. they entered the first room which appeared to be the mud room a room off to the west was discovered to be the bathroom. a door strait ahead on the north wall was left alone and the party decided to go east. coming upon a room that was the bathing room it has a large bathtub in it and there happened to be one bandit taking a bath. the party rolling another six on their surprise roll LOL let the bandit escape the tub and run through a door on the north. however the party redeemed themselves by wining the d10 and were able to kill the naked man before he could get help. after depositing his body back into the tub the party continued through the eastern door which was a 30ft passage that ended in a large heavy metal bound door with a sliding slot in it. the door appeared to be covered with blood and the party decided to bypass it and go back through the northern door which they had chased the man through. the hallway to the north led to the kitchen where the party encountered lex the mad chef. the party did very well in this battle and defeated lex rather easily. finding out that the door on the east wall could be opened with the key found on lex that is where they went next. the party found some treasure in lex’s room including some items in a secret on the northern wall. then the party in desperate need of spells decided to lock the door and try rest their sleep was interrupted by a knock on the door looking for the chef to cook some food for the hungry bandits but some quick thinking by kazin was able to get them to leave so the party could finish resting. after resting the party went out into the kitchen and decided to proceed through the north door. this hallway led them into the mess hall where they did battle with seven bandits and after taking some lumps came out on top. this is where they left off to be continued……


the contents of the cart are as follows two benches 6ft long one circular table about 4ft across small wicker basket with handle containing 2 apples 3 bananas and 1 small knife 1 mat with cloth cover and straw filling 25ft of rope with rusty grappling hook attached 1 small broom and a water skin.

general background

the four of you have been gathered from all walks of life. some of you deserve to be in the position that you are in today and you know who you are. but when you have the choice of having your hand cut off for stealing or fighting in the arena hell its a pretty easy choice now is it not. other people in this small party did nothing to deserve being here other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time. being kidnapped forced into slavery and then sold to the arena is a tough break but then again sometimes that’s how the cookie crumbles is at this point that you are rounded up in a small nondescript room to be filled in on the specifics by captain dulgar. captain dulgar “listen up maggots this is how it is going to work you will be locked up in a cart and wheeled to the center of the fighting arena. there will be a key hanging on a post ten feet from your cart. it is up to you guys to figure out how to retrieve the key get out of the cart and kill the other gladiators. who will be locked up in their own cart in the same situation. now you 4 happen to be lucky enough to have been picked for our once a month freedom fight. which is pretty simple the team that wins goes free the team that losses will now be given 10 minutes to come up with your battle plan.” with that being said captain dulgar turns and leaves the room and the timer starts.

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fight for freedom

the party has to fight there way out of the gladiator arena first to even have a chance at a successful dungeon crawling career.


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