battle for freedom

general background

the four of you have been gathered from all walks of life. some of you deserve to be in the position that you are in today and you know who you are. but when you have the choice of having your hand cut off for stealing or fighting in the arena hell its a pretty easy choice now is it not. other people in this small party did nothing to deserve being here other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time. being kidnapped forced into slavery and then sold to the arena is a tough break but then again sometimes that’s how the cookie crumbles is at this point that you are rounded up in a small nondescript room to be filled in on the specifics by captain dulgar. captain dulgar “listen up maggots this is how it is going to work you will be locked up in a cart and wheeled to the center of the fighting arena. there will be a key hanging on a post ten feet from your cart. it is up to you guys to figure out how to retrieve the key get out of the cart and kill the other gladiators. who will be locked up in their own cart in the same situation. now you 4 happen to be lucky enough to have been picked for our once a month freedom fight. which is pretty simple the team that wins goes free the team that losses will now be given 10 minutes to come up with your battle plan.” with that being said captain dulgar turns and leaves the room and the timer starts.



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