Hallux the Opposed

5/5 Half-Elven Cleric Ranger


HP: 45
AC: 4/4
Weapon in Hand: Two-handed Sword of Choice +4
Armor Worn: +1 Chain Mail of Absorption
Proficiencies: Two-handed sword, flail, dart

Alignment: Chaotic good
Deity: Anhur / War

Str: 18/95
Int: 15
Wis: 16
Dex: 9
Con: 16
Cha: 9


Hallux was raised an orphan in the temple of Anhur in * by priests of the order, namely a cleric by the name of Saleen. Having no recollection of his parents (who most likely abandoned him due to his mixed heritage) the temple named him for his ability to quickly grasp things at a very young age. Under Saleen’s tutelage, he was taught to appreciate the chaos in the world, and to thrive in it. He learned combat and war to be unavoidable instruments in the order of things; necessary evils to attain a greater good.

Upon his 18th birthday, Hallux was released from the temple’s guardianship to seek his own destiny. Feeling uneasy in the city, his elven blood soon beckoned him to the wilderness. There he learned the ways of the wild, using the strength and wisdom forged in his youth to navigate the unknown. The forest soon became as much a home to him as the temple had ever been.

Years passed and though he felt content on his own, a feeling of lacking purpose slowly settled over him. Deciding to reconnect with the temple who raised him, he ventured back to the temple which raised him. Upon arrival, he learned that his mentor, Saleen, had been sent far to the south to the huge temple in Akhlamesh. Deciding to seek her guidance in finding higher purpose, he set out, alone, to find her. Before reaching his destination, however, he was captured by slavers while resupplying in a small village. Shackled, beaten, but determined, he was indeed escorted to Akhlamesh, though not as he had imagined.

Here, his story truly begins…

Hallux the Opposed

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