one handed sword

weapon (melee)

description of kilij The Kilij had a deeply curved, single edged blade with a flaring tip called a yelman. It has a cruciform (cross-shaped) guard, with a curving hilt that ends with a down turned pommel. The Kilij was primarily a slashing weapon, as its great curvature made it difficult to thrust the weapon. The yelman added weight to the tip, giving it greater momentum when swung. The tip is very sharp for stabbing, though because of its design it has to stab diagonally. This creates a fighting style that can go around shields and can be harder to block from swinging stabs. It can be use as a great decapitator. the damage of the kilij is 1-12 on small medium 1-20 on large a natural roll of 18 or above with the kilij will result in the loss a limb or worse. a d6 will be rolled 1 being left arm 2 being right arm 3 being left leg 4 being right leg 5 head 6 cut in half if applicable if not re-roll.



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